South Gate campus reconstruction postponed

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By Moises Amezcua

Reconstruction on the South Gate Campus postponed due to building inspections and environmental standards.

Construction is expected to start in 2016. The 18.5-acre property located across the street from the South Gate campus planned to have an approved master plan with a blueprint showcasing the new relocated campus design by the end of Spring 2014.

The brand new campus is expected to offer double the capacity, labs, full-time faculty and potential future jobs for students.

Construction is said to improve safety, update classrooms for higher learning, and give the building a new aesthetic.

“I support student services and south gate campus should be a one stop service center that is customer and student friendly” says Al Rios South Gate Campus Dean.

The lease of the old building will be extended throughout the construction of the new relocated campus, which will be completed by Spring 2019 and offering classes by Summer 2019.

The update of the old campus has begun. Due to recent events that involve gunmen trespassing into schools throughout the country, and at the ELAC campus, new security door lock systems have been installed.

Classrooms have been reinforced with these door locks to help keep intruders out.

An intercom speaker system will be installed to increase security. The intercoms include a system of speakers that will instruct staff, faculty, and students during emergency situations.

Faculty and staff will go through training to learn how to use these new security tools efficiently.

The South Gate campus offers a variety of classes to students, and more classes will be added to the revamping regime to benefit a more variety of students.

Student programs like the “Adelante Program” are also expected to be joining the campus.

Three classrooms have already been updated to new “Smart” classrooms. The updated “Smart” classrooms include a huge projector with lighting systems made for students to take better notes.

With these projectors teachers can develop a more diversified and interactive way of teaching their students by using the multimedia projectors.

“South Gate campus needs more student services and a cleanup, make it look more inviting” says Ravena Smith, assessment coordinator.

With security and classroom updates underway, plans to give the south gate campus a more artistic look are in progress. The campus will soon have brand new art pieces from the Vincent Price Art Museum  to giving the campus a more inviting look.

“It seems dull, this place is missing some color.” said Andrew Rubio majoring in Aviation Maintenance.

Talks with the art department are also underway for South Gate’s makeover says Dean Al Rios.

” Students are always encouraged to submit their art for the school, students can even submit for a mural,” Rios said.

With all these renovations, changes will benefit the faculty, staff, and students.

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