Coldplay stays true to mellow sound in new release

By Damien Guzman

Coldplay’s new album “Ghost Stories” sticks with the band’s mellow  style of music,resulting in  another great album.

Coldplay’s  best and most popular song “Magic” defines who they are as musicians. With a deep bass highlighting the song, singer Chris Martin adds his unique voice to compliment the sounds. Along with a smooth electric guitar playing in the background and soft drum beats, the song leaves you day dreaming as most other Coldplay songs do.

Coldplay starts there new album with a song called “Always in My Head” and the song does a great job in projecting what the whole CD is focused on, love.

A more fast paced song, “Ink” sounds more cheerful and uplifting rather than slow and sad, while still dealing with relationship issues.

The acoustic guitar and faster drum play give the song a hopeful feel even though the lyrics mention, “I love you so much it hurts” comparing thoughts of love to a permanent tattoo that can not be removed.

In recent interviews singer Chris Martin made comments that the album was somewhat influenced on his recent break-up with his ex-wife. In this case the separation helped create a legitimate love CD.

“Midnight” is a much darker and slower song that highlights Martin’s voice. The beat slowly builds up with a harmonious background, projecting soothing sounds while Martin’s auto tuned voice gives the track a out-of-the world sound.

At one point in the song it starts to sound like an electric techno beat but slows down towards the end to make it a traditional Coldplay song.

Martin starts off “A Sky Full of Stars” with his signature piano play that gives the song an original sound. This track has the potential to become very popular at raves because of its feel good and upbeat sound that triggers dancing from music lovers.

“Ghost Stories” transitions perfectly from song to song causing emotions to run high and thoughts to run wild. The music is beautiful and provokes listeners to open up their minds and think of love and other life situations. Although the lyrics may seem depressing, the triumphant music created by the band will give you the chills. Coldplay’s new album proves that the magic is still there.

The band’s full deluxe version album was released May 19 and includes three bonus tracks.
“Ghost Stories” is Coldplay’s sixth album and is now available on iTunes.

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