Latin comedian finds comfort at center stage

LIVING THE DREAM–Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias stand in front of a sold out crowd in San Jose, California crowd at the "Unity Through Laughter" tour. (Courtesy of Open Road Films)
LIVING THE DREAM–Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias stand in front of a sold out crowd in San Jose, California crowd at the “Unity Through Laughter” tour. (Courtesy of Open Road Films)

By Jane Fernandez

Laughs and serious moments make up the first Latino stand up comedy concert film released nationwide “The Fluffy Movie.”

The film captivated the audience as Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias tells stories about his life in comical ways. It started off with a representation of Iglesias’ childhood, in which various known personalities such as Tommy Chong, Iglesias’ closest friend and comedy sidekick Martin Moreno and Spanish radio personality Eddie”Piolin” Sotero play roles which shape scenes of Iglesias’ early life as they re-intact a scene of how his love for comedy came to be.

Iglesias starts off being cheered on stage at his” Unity Through Laughter” tour stop in San Jose, California.

Iglesias talks about his health, with each life threatening topic he hits, he creates a flowing story filled with sympathy and humor.

He is able to keep the audience interested, but after a few stories it begins to be too serious and he starts switching topics.

He tells stories of his friend Martin has being there for him. The stories which followed his health escalated to his life as a step parent.

Iglesias told stories concerning his experiences with his step son Frankie, which explained what being a good parent was to him and how he managed to live with a teenage son.

He shared many intimate moments of his sons life with the audience as he made fun of how teenager acts.

The movie takes a serious turn when Fluffy talks about his father and the journey that life took him through.

Although the movie is focused on real life situations that happened to Iglesias, he was able to make them rateable.

The rollercoaster of emotions the film takes the audience through are major ups and downs which contrast well.

Iglesias was able to make the audience cry of laughter while dealing with serious issues, as well as feel hate and anguish and fall in love with his life stories .

The movie shows a real person going through life and making the best of his situations.

Iglesias went for what he loved and in this movie he encourages others to also follow their hearts.

“The Fluffy Movie” is rated PG-13, containing some strong language not recommended for children .

The movie opens in theaters this Tomorrow.

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