Chaotic first week affects students’ lives


By Maria Isidoro

For students trying to add classes and traverse through campus, the last couple of weeks at East Los Angeles College have been nothing short of hectic.

On the first day of school, more than 60 students were left standing without a chair to sit on.

Those students who were left out might have missed an opportunity to get their transfer transcripts for this fall semester.

These are the most hectic weeks on ELAC’s campus, with students having to walk over ten minutes searching for new classes to add.

Some students traveled from Weingart Stadium to the English Department only to find out those classes were full.

There were a lot of complaints about the amount of time it took to travel from one class to another.

It’s impossible for students to take a class with only five minutes in between classes.

How would they manage to get on time to a class if, realistically, there is no time to travel with construction in the way?

What kind of decision can be made to bring chaos to order?

For instance, maybe they should give students their own carts to travel inside the main campus.

There is definitely a problem with time management, and part of it is the construction that has taken over students’ extra time and forcing students to take longer routes to get to their classrooms.

It causes students to rush to class, leading to people shoving, stepping on people’s feet and possibly trampling them on their way to class to be on time.

These are just a few examples of time management conflict and chaos in our campus.

Let’s not forget how the lines to the Fiscal Office and the Financial Aid office are busy every semester.

Students wait for hours to pay for parking permits or to pay for other finances.

If you thought those lines were going to shorten, guess what, that idea is closer to a Walt Disney fairytale with that classic happy ending.

Many ELAC students started to experience what is called time crunch, where there’s never enough time to get everything done, no matter how fast you move.

Eventually the only way to get through this chaos is to remain patient, but it is good to know that ELAC has professors that are worth the time and money.

Not only do students have to deal with juggling from class to class, but there are also students who are lost and are trying add classes in the wrong subject.

In so many cases, it is true that students have a hard time finding their selected classes, even with the help of the Sheriff’s office.

How could students confuse buildings, or how could they forget when their classes start?

This is how people get distracted so easily, plus they have so many things going on in their lives already.

The saddest thing a student could ever experience during these last two weeks is to lose their books at bus stops.

With so much going on, many students have probably lost their books due to the chaos.

It is so tragic that some students sacrifice their time and money just to lose their books in a couple of minutes.

But all this chaos has brought students unique experiences that will teach them how to manage their time better.

Perhaps, small talk with students around campus can advise you to avoid the chaos of these last couple of weeks.


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