Interpol’s album release fails to meet expectations


By Megan G. Razzetti

Interpol returned from a four-year hiatus with the much anticipated new album “El Pintor” released on September 9.

“El Pintor,” which is an anagram of the band’s name, gives listeners the sound of heavy synth-infused songs packed with the iconic crooning of lead singer Paul Banks.

After a long hiatus and the departure of bandmate Carlos Dengler, Interpol produced a not-so-spectacular album.

The fresh track list stays true to their gloomy unique sound, maybe a little too much, though.

Although they are true to their traditional sound, the album isn’t all that different from their previous 2004 blockbuster album “Antics.”

Interpol fans will agree that many of the tracks sound heavily similar to tracks that appear on other albums.

After a longband hiatus, it is  disappointing to see recycled riffs and chords in the newest release.

“My Blue Supreme,” which is the fifth track on “El Pintor,” shares the similarity of melodies found in previous songs such as “Rest My Chemistry” found on their 2007 album “Our Love to Admire,” and “Take You on a Cruise” found on “Antics.”

Although it is a catchy tune with a chilling chorus, it doesn’t stand out as something fresh, even if it is new material.

The lyrics are well written but fail to give the song strength. The hook is a more upbeat version of “Rest My Chemistry” and it is upsetting that it is featured on this new album.

The track “Same Town, New Story” gives an attempt at a personal touch to lyrics.

The lyrics tell the story of struggle wanting something new in life.

It is relatable to listeners in a particular situation who feel like ‘the whole world up [sic] on my shoulders,’ as the song goes.

This track may just be the only genuine attempt at original content throughout this entire album.

The remaining tracks on the album continue with mediocre attempts at being great songs.

A compilation of tired sounds and themes continue to play. After the ending track “Twice as Hard,” it really is easy to simply start listening to their hit album   “Antics” again.

Overall, the album puts listeners in the mood for the catchy hits of “Antics” and it should have been titled “Antics II.”

Interpol’s “El Pintor” is available in stores and on iTunes.

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