Neeson thrills in detective story

TO ANOTHER CASE—Detective Matt Strudder, played by Liam Nesson, goes on the hunt for clues in “A Walk Among the Tombstones.” COURTESY OF UNIVERSAL PICTURES

By Jesus Figueroa

Actor Liam Neeson continues his thrilling action performances as a slightly more realistic character in “A Walk Among the Tombstones.”

Although the fictional story comes to feel complex with the addition of characters throughout, it’s a terrifying action film, which does not slip into a cliché.

Detective Matt Strudder, played by Neeson, starts off a drunk officer who takes on criminals with no regard for his or anyone else’s safety.

After an incident, which leaves him traumatized, he retires from being a cop and becomes a private investigator.

Neeson puts his skills to the test, acting in a more realistic detective role.

The “Taken” action star comes to a role, which has a more realistic tone and makes his character intense.

Matt is approached by Peter, played by Boyd Holbrook, and taken back to drug kingpin Kenny Kristo, played by Dan Stevens, who wants Matt to help find the men who killed his wife.

Holbrook is an emotional wreck, but that’s just what his junkie character needs to make his performance seem genuine.

His character goes from being a high-strung recovering drug addict, to being a user once again. The transition is well played.

Stevens has the intensity in his demeanor to play a drug kingpin, while still not being able to overpower the performance by Neeson.

As Matt reluctantly accepts the job, he discovers what could possibly be a giant web of murder.

Along the way, Matt gets help from a street kid named T.J., played by Brian “Astro” Bradley, who brings out a more human side to Matt.

Bradley is funny and genuinely counteracts the seriousness of Neeson with his mannerisms and his way of talking.

Alongside Neeson, he is able to show just how strong of an actor he is by playing off of the acting talents of Neeson.

The ending is fitting to the build up, as most of Neeson’s past action films have demostrated. It comes with twists and turns that will                             surprise audiences.

Although it seems a bit slow at points, every part of the film adds to the plot, so there is not a wasted moment.

“A Walk Among the Tombstones” is out in theaters now and is rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, language and brief nudity.

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