Demonic doll ‘Annabelle’ gets back story

By Dulce Carrillo

Suspenseful horror film “Annabelle,” directed by John R. Leonetti, is a prequel film to the 2013 film “The Conjuring,” directed by James Wan, and introduces the demonic doll Annabelle.

The film is chilling and uses music and silence to inspire fear, increasing the horror and suspense of the film.

The film begins with a similar opening as “The Conjuring,” where two young women and a young man talk to Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experience with the doll Annabelle.

The film continues going back a year where Annabelle’s story begins.

In 1970, the insecure medical student John, played by Ward Horton, and his supportive housewife Mia Gordon, played by Annabelle Wallis, are expecting a baby.

Horton plays the uncaring medical student but transitions well to a caring father and husband after his child is born.

Wallis was not a charming mother and made her presence less than likable.

One night, Mia overhears a scream come from their neighbors, the Higgins’, household. She wakes up John, who heads over to the neighbor’s house and runs out immediately covered in blood.

As Mia hurries to call 911, she hears voices from the dolls in the baby’s room.

Annabelle Higgins, played by Tree O’Toole, and her boyfriend attack Mia and stab her on the side.

O’Toole added a horrifying image to Annabelle, creating an uneasy feel that added to the mythology of the demon doll.

John fights the man when he arrives back home. Annabelle Higgins attacks John before running back into the baby’s room.

Annabelle’s boyfriend is killed immediately by the police.

Annabelle draws symbols on the wall before killing herself, leaving a symbol on the wall in blood while holding the doll in her arms on the floor sitting down.

The film continued to inspire goose bumps. The music inspires fear with low subtle tones, which build up as the images on the screen intensify.

The props used to create the set of an old Pasadena, California add to the atmosphere and helps convey how calm and neutral it all felt.

The plot of the film flowed well, except for the ending. The story runs for about 95 minutes. Through the majority of the film, unexpected suspenseful moments keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The ending of the film compacts a large amount of action into a short amount of time as things quickly progress to a final resolution.
“Annabelle” is out in theaters now and rated R for intense scenes of disturbing violence and terror.

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