Students struggle with deciding major


By Ayana Arroyo

Students at East Los Angeles College are uncertain about their future. It’s harmful to be a student with an undecided major because it wastes your time and money.

After asking students in one class, eight out-of ten answered “undecided” about their majors. Outside classrooms, students gave the same results.

In other cases, some students responded with whichever career was fastest or easiest to obtain.

With no clear thought about what to major in, many students are panicking and fear they may never decide.

Deciding what to major in could be scary. Since first attending ELAC, I have gone from wanting to major in psychology, followed by art, then becoming a registered nurse and finally deciding, I couldn’t be farther away from making up my mind.

Those fresh out of high school have a hard time choosing a major.

A majority of them commented they’re not worried because they’ll realize it eventually.

After recently reuniting with a group of friends, I discovered all those who were positive about what they had planned before were now stressing out because they were unsure of what they wanted.

Students take multiple classes, required for their major, before realizing that is not what they want to do.

Now they’re stuck with wasted semesters and classes they don’t need or want.

Instead, students should sit down and really give it a thought so they avoid wasting any more of their time and energy.

Then, try to talk to someone who is already in that profession. Discover what it is really like from the people who know best.

Students could also volunteer or intern, if it is possible to do so. This way they know first-hand if they will continue to follow this career choice.

Some students find it was a struggle deciding what they truly wanted to major in.

“I’ve changed my mind numerous times, since first attending ELAC. First, I was studying to become an EMT and then I took an interest in engineering. I wasn’t too sure about any of them,” ELAC student Steven Perez said.

“It wasn’t until recently, that I finally decided to major in Business Administration and am also taking my final classes to become a Real Estate Agent,” he said.

Some students have figured out what they want to major in, some are settling for something they might enjoy.

“I don’t really know what I like. I just hope becoming a Registered Nurse is something that, like, I’ll enjoy,” ELAC student Maria Hernandez said.

ELAC student Kimberly Gonzalez, said she took her first classes back in 2007 and dropped out because she was unsure of what she wanted to do. It wasn’t until 2011 that she decided to return and try again.

Some students panic because they feel they’re falling behind as they some of their other friends graduating and starting their careers. They feel stuck because they believe they might not find a career that they enjoy doing and also pays well.

Still, with all the indecisiveness, student stays optimistic about it all.

“I think it’s possible that I will find what I want to do. I am slightly worried, but I’m sure everything will work out somehow,” Nestor Martinez said.

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