LACCD to implement new online student system

By Maria Isidoro and Cynthia Laguna

The Los Angeles Community College District is going to implement a new Student Information System in all nine district colleges starting November 2015.

The SIS, known as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), is being replaced with Oracle PeopleSoft campus solution system.

This new system provides the newest technology for students, faculty and staff to easily access all nine-district colleges student information data. The system will also have a new student portal that unifies students’ curriculum and enrollment information.

LACCD SIS Project Director Betsy Regalado said that the new system is considered as one solution for faculty and staff.

“If a student is enrolled at multiple colleges you could see the holistic record of that student at any of our nine LACCD colleges,” Regalado said.

The new SIS solution consists of five main modules: admissions, financial aid, student financial records, student records and academic advising. All nine LACCD colleges will launch each modulation at different time periods during the year.

According to Regalado, the PeopleSoft system will be fully operational by fall 2016. The first module that will deploy in November 2015 will be admissions.

The admissions module and the new SIS will become available only for future potential students in all nine district colleges who will be registering for the fall 2016 semester.

The new PeopleSoft system will turn on the financial aid module for continuing students applying for FAFSA in the 2016-2017 fiscal year in January 2016. Regalado said continuing students will have access to the new SIS in May 2016 when they begin fall registration.

LACCD SIS will provide modern and sophisticated functions, such as registering and enrolling in classes from any smart devices, at any hour of the day. The layout and design will decrease time spent to load data.

East Los Angeles College Dean of Academic Affairs Kerrin McMahan said that the campus solutions will improve support services for students of each of the nine LACCD colleges.

McMahan said it will speed up routine tasks, minimize the use of paper and streamline reports required by the federal and state government.

The paper add slips and students fees receipts are some of the documents that will go paperless and will become electronically available for students.

When students log in to the new system, they will have access to their student portal by clicking on the campuses home pages or going to the LACCD web page.

Another function that PeopleSoft SIS will include is the ability to put students on an online waiting list after a class has been closed.

When school begins, teachers will give enrollment codes to walk-in students instead of paper add slips. They can use them to add the class when logging to the new system, Regalado said.

The portal will be providing news and notifications, known as the to-do list for students, who need to hand in tax forms to the financial aid office, Regalado said, this new functions to reduce lines at offices.

The portal’s new feature will allow students to update their home or mailing address online. It will also post financial aid information to view, accept and decline students’ awards.

Students can see what kind of financial aid package they will receive, how much money and when checks will be distributed or money will be available in their LACCD debit cards.

“We are trying to reduce lines to enhance self-service access, so a lot of information that you’re looking for you will see it on your portal,” Regalado said.

Also according to Regalado, “Students who matriculated at the LACCD with a catalog year of fall 2012 to present will be able to generate a degree audit from within the new SIS system, if they declared an academic major and an educational goal.”

This degree audit is an academic tool that will allow students and counselors to see what courses would be needed to complete in order to graduate from a current or different academic program, Regalado said.

Students will also be able to register through their degree audits by clicking on the course they want, and once a section of the academic major is completed it will show a red dot of satisfaction.

“It will benefit both students and counselors who will be able to quickly and easily determine the progress made toward degrees, certificates and transferring requirements,” McMahan said.

McMahan ELAC SIS team consists of Cathleen Rozadilla, counselor and an articulation officer; Christina Gonzales, admissions and records technician; Alba Jiron, senior office assistant; and May Yee, scheduler in academic affairs.

Teams from each of nine colleges are working on converting curriculum and data enrollment information records dated since 1974, from DEC legacy to the new PeopleSoft SIS to design degree audit reports.

They will also convert and validate student biographical data, course catalog, schedule of classes information and 80 million student records.

According to Regalado, the SIS icon of the new system hasn’t been designed and the portal is still under development and the district is soliciting scheme recommendations from the college’s public relations officers.

“This is a very big project that requires a lot of preparation and setup. We discovered along the way that there are ledges that we need to resolve, but we are confident that when everything is in place it will be a huge improvement for students, staff and faculty,” McMahan said.


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