New sound shows growth of Taylor Swift

By Ayana Arroyo

Hanging up her hat and cowboy boots Taylor Swift decided to steer away from country music with her newest album “1989.”

Swift tried something new and it does not disappoint.

With most of her songs, being up beat and playful, Swift doesn’t seem at all a newcomer to pop music.

“1989” has a total of 13 songs, on the standard version and 19 on the deluxe version which have a very fun-dancing beat.

The listeners can no longer find the relatable, meaningful lyrics found in her previous four albums.

Swift’s newest album still delivers catchy tunes that the listeners can’t help but sing along to.

“1989” was named after Swift’s birth year.

Swift’s music is set apart from other pop stars’.

This approach with all the songs on the album being as fun as her recent hit single “Shake it off” makes a difference.

There are still some songs about heartbreaks such as “All You Had to Do Was Stay” but Swift decided to no longer focus on those same subjects as she did on her previous album “Red.”

Instead she focused on the pure thrill of life and its experiences.

“1989” is not for crying over an ex-boyfriend, it’s for getting up, dancing and shaking off the difficult times life may bring.

Swift’s album has no other message, like her previous four albums did.

Instead, “1989” is just a very blunt phrase of being completely comfortable with who someone is and not caring what anyone else thinks about them.

The album allows the listener to feel as bubbly as Swift’s sound on it. It makes listeners feel at ease and comfortable.

With her first full pop album, she stepped out of her comfort zone, into a genre already filled with endless numbers of huge pop stars. It is hardly noticeable with the results of this work.

“1989” is Swift’s riskiest album and as a result her best so far.

The album was created by Swift’s experiences and the journey of discovering who she is and songs show that to its listeners.

Swift’s “1989” is now available in stores and on iTunes.

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