Unidentified man arrested on campus for possessing weapon

By Megan G. Razetti

An unidentified man was detained by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department after allegedly being on the East Los Angeles College campus with a knife Oct. 8 between the F7 and E7 buildings.

The suspect was not a student according to Sheriff Alex Tiscareño. He was taken to the East LA Jail for booking.

The suspect was detained for possession of a large knife while on a college campus, after police stopped him for fitting the description of a man who made an alleged terrorist threat.

According to the suspect’s girlfriend, who wished to remain anonymous, he had spent 48-hours in jail before seeing a judge at the Alhambra Superior Court.

The judge released the suspect but had the weapon confiscated and destroyed. “He obviously has no regard for student safety,” said Tiscareno. Tiscareño also said this wasn’t the first incident with the suspect.

According to the girlfriend, the suspect carried the knife, that measures no more four inches, on his belt in plain sight.

“I came out of my class. He was supposed to meet me and when I came out, they had his bike and he was already in the car,” said the suspect’s girlfriend.

Once booked, secretaries did further research of his record to see if there are any previous offences that Sheriff Tiscareno couldn’t find on the computer during his investigation.

The suspect was booked Wednesday, where he spent a few hours before being arraigned in front of a judge. The judge did not sentence the suspect to addition jail time.

The bike the suspect rode onto campus was impounded by the sheriffs.

He was not able to obtain his property once he was released due to a hold.

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