Students struggle to balance daily schedule

By Dulce Carrillo

Money has become a huge issue for many college students and balancing time is another.

Besides worrying about assignment deadlines, certain things like school supplies, class dues, transportation, food, phone bills, rent, money and time is need before they begin to pile up.

We only have one life to live and to make the best out of it, but being a working slave and college student has carried on as one of the most stressful stages.

Little by little, help has arrived, like the increase of the minimum wage.

Even though the minimum wage increased, hours have been cut for employers and products are being raised.

It is nice to know that companies have more jobs to  offer but the hours given to an employer, especially to a college student, are not sufficient.

Prices  for notebooks, textbooks and materials needed for classes are increasing.

I work two jobs, one as an event attendant in downtown Los Angeles and a cashier in Santa Fe Springs.

As much as it sounds like I’m too busy, I’m not.

There have been times where I beg to get more work days.

Most of the time I don’t get them because my school schedule interferes with the days I’m avaliable.

Society has made people think that  working more equals to more  money.

That is not true, working more just means money taken away from taxes. Plus, it sacrifices time from being  with family, friends and taking  care of oneself.

Just imagine, parents that need to work just to keep up with the bills or even have food on the    table?

When I started to work as a cashier at a fast food restaurant in the end of September this year, the quarter    pound burgers used to cost 99 cents. Since mid October, the price went up to $1.29 plus tax.

People are having a hard time to even pay for something that is less than two dollars.

College students are losing the opportunity of going to their classes.

If one doesn’t work, how will they have money for gas or bus money to take to go to school?

This is what I believe a college student should do.

Students should balance their time by scheduling the classes that are most needed and not  have all of the classes crushed in, like math, English or science.

Add in an art class or language class to ease off the stress in the semester.

Students can talk to their supervisors and give them the times they are available. Students shouldn’t be picky either. A supervisor will see a hard worker and be lenient with certain days off.

A way to save money is thinking twice about eating fast food.

Sometimes it is better to take a homemade sandwich or leftover food from the fridge. It can be tempting to buy outside food but that’s why students should think twice about buying something.

Every paycheck or money given by parents should be spent wisely. Don’t use it for something based on impulse.

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