Chamber Chorale performs in student recital

DO RE MI AMAZING— Anthony Lupica accompanied by Lucy Nargizyan conducted the students of the East Los Angeles Chamber Chorale Nov. 26 in the S2 recital hall during the showcase. CN/Ismeal Carrillo

By Rachel Acosta

A Student Recital was held in the S2 Recital Hall featuring music from students and a performance by the East Los Angles College Chamber Chorale.

The recital featured students from Anthony Lupica, Associate Professor of Music, Voice and Director of Choirs, Ken Nagatani, Applied Guitar, Lucy Nargizyan, Applied Piano, and Lori Stinson, Applied Voice.

The recital was free admission and offered a wide variety of music from the students that were singing, playing guitar and piano. The ELAC’s Chamber Chorale ended with a performance.

The repertoire featured different genres of music from both students in beginning and advanced music classes.  There will be another student recital on Dec. 10.

There was music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Francesco Molino, Johannes Brahms, and others.  With the theme of the recital being love, Hermik Hagnazarian, a soprano, sang a song by composer Roger Quilter called “Love’s Philosophy.”

Among the performers was Yunting Xie, an applied music student, who was awarded the 1st Prize in the CAPMT Honors Auditions competition this past weekend.  In the recital, Xie performed ‘Grande valse brillante in E- flat Major, Op. 18” by composer Fréderic Chopin on the piano.

When the students finished their performances, some went back on stage because they were a part of ELAC’s Chamber Chorale.  Joining the students was accompanist Nargizyan, and Lupica conducted.

Lupica introduced the pieces the Chamber Chorale was going to be performing and talked a bit about what the pieces meant.  One of the pieces they sang was by a favorite composer of Lupica, Emma Lou Diemer.

When introducing the pieces of music they would be performing, Lupica explained how the theme of the recital was love.  The first song was about love it was from man to God and from God to man; the song was “Ubi Caritas” by Ola Gjeilo.

“Prayer” by Morten Lauridsen is about parental love which was inspired by a poem that was written by Dana Gioia.  Gioia’s poem is about the loss of her child due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It was then turned to music by Lauridsen.

“Three Madrigals” it is by composer Emma Lou Diemer, it is a three- work movement about love, but each part signifies the type of love it is.

It was inspired by William Shakespeare’s plays and contains some texts from some of Shakespeare’s plays.

The first part of the three- part song is called “O, Mistress Mine, Where are you roaming?” and it is about youthful love.  The second song called “Take, oh, take those lips away” is about forbidden love.  The third song is called, “Sigh no more, ladies. Sigh no more!” the song is just about love, and loving each other.

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