Tacos de Baja Ensenada serves mouth-watering fish tacos

TACO MANIA—Carne asada, Baja, fish and shrimp tacos are served for $1 on Wednesdays at Tacos de Baja Ensenada. CN/Mario De Leon

By Mario De leon

Looking for a go-to destination for quality food at East Los Angeles College can be a task.  Just two miles away from campus, students will run into a not-so-well kept secret.

Tacos de Baja Ensenada is located on the corner of Whittier Blvd and Oakford Ave. This restaurant serves some of the best seafood tacos in Monterey Park.

It is a small restaurant with a simple décor that lets the food really shine.

This restaurant often has a line wrapped  around the building, that customers will be lucky to get a seat inside.

The patio is festive with white lights and the restaurant plays cultural music in the background.

Tacos de Baja Ensenada is full on “Fish Taco Wednesday,” because tacos are only $1.

The famous Baja Tacos is a combination of shrimp and fish in a flour tortilla; topped with cabbage and a white sauce.

The portions are big enough that two tacos will fill customers up.  Next item on the list was the Wednesday Dollar fish tacos, which like the Baja taco, is served with cabbage and a white sauce.

The fish tacos were crunchy due to its deep fried texture, and were delicious.

Last but not least were the shrimp tacos, which are that last seafood taco on the menu.  It did not disappoint. The shrimp was crunchy and flaky with a flavor that explodes.

Customers will think that they were catching the shrimp out of the ocean themselves. The shrimp tacos were topped with cabbage tomatoes and a white sauce that is key to all three types of seafood tacos.

The last item tried was the carne asada tacos, which like the seafood tacos had a hefty portion that dwarfed the tortilla it was on.  The meat was cooked well, but not much came with the tacos. The taco had no sauce or veggies. A visit to the a la carte station is necessary to add condiments.

The carne asada tacos were good, but the restaurant is known for its seafood which is why the  line of customers runs around the building.

Overall Tacos de Baja Ensenada is a great place to grab a bite with friends after class.  The selection is great and the overall service  was good.

There was no waiting staff so the customer would have to clear the table if the group before does not pick up. The long line was definitely worth the wait.

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