App gives students self-control to study

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By Lucero Rodriguez

With procrastination being a factor with common distractions of  Facebook, Instagram and other social media, blocks these distractions from getting in the way of doing school work. helps students achieve their academic goals. It provides three different options to help manage the Internet and block specific websites in which distracts the user.

According to the website, the first option is “to block the Internet, but reboot if you want to get back online.”

The second option is to “block the Internet, but prevent Internet access even if you reboot. You will get back online once your time is up.”

The third option is to “stay connected, but filter out the most distracting websites, social media sites and email accounts.

It’s a how-to application for students to stop procrastinating. This app is a student’s aid to self-control and helps students focus and manage time.  Students are given three options to help themselves toward a more successful academic grade.

In a more psychological side, the application informs the user to write down their goals before blocking sites they often visit.

In community colleges, the system allows students to retake a class up to three times. Students go to school to be able to graduate to attain good habits that eventually lead them to their dream career. This app helps students become more responsible for managing their time and setting academic goals. can help with individual classes, but also help reduce students from repeating courses due to their distractions.

The website says, “Young people love using Stop Procrastinating to block and filter websites and social media sites when they do their homework. It helps them control their own Internet use, encouraging responsibility and self-control… research shows that young people are more likely to cut digital distractions if they do it themselves.”

This helps students achieve their goals. Students are seeking ways to improve, and this application can be the beginning to a more successful path toward graduation.  The app is $8.99 and is offered for Mac and Windows.

Students at one point in their lives have wondered how they can help themselves from being distracted. Some students have taken the liberty to find a method that can help them finish their work on time and also help improve their quality of work.

On the webisite it says, “research shows that writing down your work goals helps you to achieve them. That’s why Stop Procrastinating gives you the option to do this before you block the internet, making it the most effective productivity software on the market today.  But if you want to concentrate more, give it a go. You might be surprised to find it helps you to focus.”

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