Mandatory health fee benefits students

By Maria Salas

Every semester each student enrolling in classes pays an $11 health fee in which their assumption is “its just another fee,” said J. Alvarez DNP.

Hectic schedules don’t allow students the time to see where their money is going. They do not realize that the money they’re paying benefits them.

The cover fee provides students with services like, over-the-counter pain relievers/first aid, condoms, pre-employment, physical required by specific school programs, STD screening, pap smears, TB testing, consultation with medical providers, preventive health care, family planning, mental health services, emotional/behavioral counseling (individual and couple), confidential support groups and annual flu vaccine. Plus, provision of blood tests and immunizations for a low cost.

What many students don’t know is that the health center is not just for health information or minor injury needs like a band- aid.

It’s actually a clinic designed for the convenience of the students Alvarez DNP takes the initiative in talking to the faculty and board commissioners to let their students know about the different services offered. He makes it aware to them about the different risks in chronic diseases and how a simple check up can help prevent such a thing.

Nonetheless, she makes it a priority to whoever comes in her office to get the tenderness and love they need in order to feel comfortable.

Moreover, Lizette Tapia states how unfortunate it is to know how many students don’t know what they’re offered.

She wishes the students, all students, know about the facility period Tapia recently started working at the health center, but has made it her purpose to make sure students get high quality service and feel comfortable enough to comeback.

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