New cafeteria threatens food truck’s future

By Darlene Galvan

The future is uncertain for Malibu Bagels Food Truck once East Los Angeles College’s upcoming student center opens.

On a daily basis the food truck serves more than 100 customers according to Marla Fuentes, manager of the food truck for the past two years.

A great majority of students and faculty have a larger variety of food selections directly across Collegian Avenue and in the Atlantic Square shopping plaza. Pizza, burgers, burritos, fish, sushi, Chinese food and Thai food are some of the foods in close proximity to ELAC, within walking distance.

While the food truck on campus has generous food options, a larger food selection on campus would be ideal for ELAC students, faculty and staff.

“Students don’t have time for slow (made) food, a food truck is fast,” said Fuentes.

With the upcoming student center, Fuentes said that the food truck’s lease with ELAC would potentially be coming to an end when the new building currently in construction is complete. The new building will be providing students a cafeteria with a dining hall for students and faculty.

“We don’t have plans to stay when the cafeteria opens, but nothing has been discussed yet,” said Fuentes.

It would be challenging for her business to stay at ELAC once the cafeteria opens, as there will be more competition between both venues, and finances will play a major role.

The menu of ELAC’s future cafeteria is unknown yet.

Currently, ELAC has one food truck with selections ranging from breakfast sandwiches, meat burritos, burgers. There are also various vending machines around campus with a variety of snacks.

More food options on campus would having to wait in long lines with the rest of the people during lunch hour.

It would be ideal to have more than one food truck on campus to provide more food variety. It would also help students save time by staying on campus instead of going elsewhere to have lunch.

On the “About ELAC” section on the school website it states that ELAC has a cafeteria as one of its facilities.  Although the website page was last updated in 2011, and there have been plenty of renovations since then, a cafeteria has not been one of them.

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