New program aids Montebello students with transfer process

By Jonathan Gomez

The Career Pathways Program will give students from K-12 in the Montebello School District a better chance to succeed and transfer out of community colleges faster.

This program helps students in Montebello by preparing them for life after high school or just out of community college.

It will provide students with a list of classes they could take depending on their major. This way students don’t have to worry about taking classes that aren’t needed.

East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez said this program will surely impact the rates of transfer students that are attending college now.

A main goal for this program is to have students spend the least amount of time at ELAC and transfer out.

This program is excellent and can help students in the Montebello area greatly. Students at ELAC are frustrated when they don’t know what classes they need to sign up for and what the requirements are for the major.

It will also help students decide on a major faster. Most students when entering college, still don’t know what they want to major in.

This program will help guide them through their decisions. It’s absolutely a great idea to have this program at school.

From what it looks like, the Los Angeles Unified School District is trying their hardest to have the future of the USA ready for tomorrow.

If this program does in fact work, the student transfer rates will rise and students won’t stay at ELAC for too much time. Ayana Arroyo says, “On average a student at ELAC stays three to five years before they transfer.”

One issue concerning, is the programs availabilty. It is open only to students coming from the Montebello School District.

This program should be implemented in every school district, so every student can have the same advantages.  Many students at ELAC agreed that such a program would benefit everyone.

The students of today are the future of tomorrow, so everyone has to be well prepared for the future.

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