Students prepare for winter fashion

STRIKE A POSE—Mannequins at the Citadel Outlets’ H&M in Commerce are shown wearing apparel appropriate for the winter season.  They are displayed wearing heavy sweaters, flannels, and coats which can be worn by both male and females. CN/Edgar Montoya
STRIKE A POSE—Mannequins at the Citadel Outlets’ H&M in Commerce are shown wearing apparel appropriate for the winter season. They are displayed wearing heavy sweaters, flannels, and coats which can be worn by both male and females. CN/Edgar Montoya

By Edgar Montoya

With the winter excitement  here, East Los Angeles College students should be able to purchase their winter must-haves without feeling guilty about it later.

Some might not consider shopping when dealing with educational expenses, and there are many alternatives for getting clothing items that cost less.
Just because school is in session during winter, it doesn’t mean one can’t look fashionable.

Some may find it difficult since they are likely to wear heavy outerwear that can feel like a burden.  However, winter is the perfect time to layer and it gives one the freedom to really create depth within their clothing.

Whether it is an unbuttoned flannel over a top or simply adding a scarf, layering can enhance someone’s look by adding warmth.

To help get through the winter season, there are some essential items that men and women can rely on and find at affordable prices.

Finding the correct coat or jacket is important because these items are designed to protect people from gusty winds and rain. Students should buy the most comfortable and affordable coats and jackets, since they’re likely to wear it throughout the season.

Military and utility jackets continue to be big this winter for both men and women. From different shades of green to dark colors, they’ve become a must-have for many to throw on for a strong look. Military style button up shirts could serve as an alternative for this kind of jacket or coat.

Leather and denim outerwear also provide great protection against winter weather. Layer them over sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, or flannels for an edgy look.

Rainproof outerwear is also essential to help keep clothes dry during wet days and to avoid the uncomfortable wet feeling.

Flannels are a wonderful during winter, not only because they are unisex, but because they also come in various fabrics for different climate levels.

From cotton, linen, to wool and in so many colors and patterns.

Pairing a flannel with a cardigan, cashmere sweater, jacket or blazer, gives this shirt a completely different look. It can be buttoned up or not, over a t-shirt, with sleeves down or rolled up or just worn around the waist to add a touch to their outfit.

Other essential wears for both genders this winter are statement sweaters and chunky sweaters. Wearing statement sweaters will be the first thing people notice when walking into a room.

Through stand- out graphics, prints, designs, and colors on clothing, people can make a personality.

Oversized and chunky sweaters have become a sensation from the runway to street life, making them a must-have for a fashionable look.

“Not only are they comfortable and warm, but they’re good for any body type and can go paired with anything,” student Faviola Argueta said.

This trend of sweaters offers students a relaxed way to dress for school.

Extra-large scarves have become a must-have to wear during the winter days. With so many varieties of fabrics, colors, and prints, these are great for anyone to throw over their outfit to add a fun, stylish layer.

“Even if you’re wearing a simple outfit, adding a scarf can make it look different,” Argueta said. “They’re great for both boys and girls.”

Wear them wrapped, looped, braided, as a shawl, or around your neck. There are so many ways to be styled in a scarf.

Wearing spanx, leggings, or sweatpants is a good alternative for college students who prefer not to bundle up too much or for those whom don’t have the time to layer on an outfit. Paired with a sports or college sweater and a pair of tennis shoes, students are ready for a cozy day.

Some have adopted sweatshirts, sweatpants, and leggings as a relaxed trend. ELAC students Nadia Marin and Ashly Palomares believe that it is a way for one to be comfortable throughout the day and is not something only for exercising.

Everyone should have shoes made for winter.

Footwear with tougher material, such as authentic or faux leather, is essential for winter.  Using maintenance products like weatherproof sprays can help leather goods stay spotless throughout the winter weather.

A winter look can be complete by adding accessories like headwear and/or gloves. Beanies and fedoras are stylish add-ons suitable for winter and can help make an outfit stand out. Gloves are essential to own when it comes to immensely cold days, according to student Adrian Cordova.

Students won’t feel regretful about spending money with all the holiday sales. They should enjoy shopping for fashion this winter, explore different stores, and have fun with clothing to find what best fits their style and personality.

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