El Chamizal delivers great Mexican cuisine

By Miguel Maceda

El Chamizal “La Casa de Las Parrilladas” is one of many restaurants that serve Mexican food.

The smell of fresh cooked food awaits as people enter inside. The restaurant hostess waits by the entrance to seat customers.

The wooden tables and chairs shine and reflect the green and blue lights on the walls and the red light from the ceiling. A large painting of two men and women is on the wall. They are bowing down at each other to insinuate a dance.

El Chamizal has a variety of options in the menu from burritos to tacos to four types of fajitas.

The burrito is a big flour tortilla filled with rice, beans and meat in the inside and it is cover with red or green salsa on the outside. The burrito comes alone with no side dishes. The burrito itself contains a lot of rice, beans and meat.

There are multiple kind of tacos available. There’s chicken, meat and beef.

The restaurant is known for its Parrilladas. The Parrilladas are from $18-$20 for one person and $30-$40 for two people. Parrilladas are the most expensive in the menu due to what it contains. The Parrilladas contains many portions of food.

There are over ten kind of Parrilladas to choose from the menu. The food in the Parrillada comes with a long and flat pan. The pan is hot to keep the food warm. On top of the pan the food is served and a knife and fork are placed at the side to get the portion wanted.

These are many foods a Parrillada has, such as: meat, chicken, fried bananas, shrimp, salsa and onions.

The taste of the grilled carne asada is not too overcooked, but just right. The flavor and color of the seasoned orange grilled chicken gives it a good taste. The fried banana has an oily taste the isn’t too overpowering. The Parrilladas are the main dish that make people want to go back.

The staff is polite and attentive and they offer to get drink refills.

Once seated, one of the wait staff will serve chips and salsa while the food is being prepared.

El Chamizal has a unique way of entertaining it’s guests. They have live bands, comedians and sometimes dancers so guests have a great time.

El Chamizal is located at 7111 Pacific Boulevard, Huntington Park.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. It’s open Mon.: 11 a.m.-12 p.m. and Tues.-Sun.: 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

For more information on specials, visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/restaurantelchamizal

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