Jaywalking can be hazardous to students

By Jane Fernandez

Driving through the streets around campus has become a challenge because not only is there traffic but also students jump into the street as cars are driving by.

Students at East Los Angeles College should stop being lazy and cross the street at a crosswalk when it is their turn.

Although the streets around campus are always being watched by cops, many students still break the law and run across not caring about the consequences.

Jaywalking is not only a serious problem, but it is also illegal. While jaywalking accidents are prone to happen.

Most times, students are in a rush to get to class or go across the street to grab lunch that they get use to jaywalking. They take the risk of being hit by a car if the driver is not paying attention or driving too fast to stop in time.

Students assume that the driver is paying attention to the road but that’s not always the case because sometimes the driver might be talking to someone or looking down at their radio and not paying full attention to what is in front of them.

According to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Association, in 2003 nearly three out of every four pedestrian accidents occurred at non-intersections.

The NHTA reported an average of about 5,000 people die in this country every year because of such accidents.

Some students might not know that jaywalking is illegal because they have never been told or stopped by a cop.

There were instances where students have told me about their high-priced tickets and hours of community service they received for crossing the streets when they were going to get lunch.

While driving on Floral Drive or Collegian Avenue, I try to be aware of all my surroundings since I have been part of a few near accidents.

While driving on Collegian Avenue, a student ran across the street to go to McDonalds.

If I had not been aware of my surroundings and had slowed down on time, I would have hit the student and it would have been a fatality for both of us.

Lazy students, who rather risk their lives and getting a ticket than walk up to a crosswalk, put everyone at risk of a fatality.

There will always be someone who does not care about the consequences of jaywalking. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, especially when driving on a dark street.

Students should think twice about jaywalking because it’s not only their lives that are at risk but they are endangering drivers as well.

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