School safety must be enacted to avoid tragedy

By Ayana Arroyo

Students should take extra precautions to avoid a potential tragedy. if ever caught in a disaster, it is better to be ready and prepared for emergencies than to not be aware and start feeling anxious and nervous,

With school shootings happening more frequently, I believe students should become more aware of their surroundings, while on campus.

For starters, students should recognize the different escape routes. They should be aware of where to exit buildings, in case of any emergency.

If a student spends long hours in the library studying, doing homework, or any other activity, they should consider the evacuation zone for that building. Students should become familiar with the route to take and different safe spots, if there are any.

All classes and buildings at East Los Angeles College, have posters throughout campus with a layout of the school and where to evacuate, depending on the building you’re located in.

Throughout campus students can find a step-by-step plan to follow for emergencies such as, shootings, bomb threats and hostage cases.

These larger posters are only located in certain areas of the campus, students could find them mostly everywhere, except inside the classrooms.

The awareness posters urge students to contact 911 or the campus’ Sheriff’s office at (323) 265-8800, if the case is less dangerous.

With more shootings happening around the United States students really should become more alert about what to do.

School shootings date back to the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, were twelve students and one teacher were killed and the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, were thirty two people were killed, making it one of the deadliest shooting massacres in the United States.

Dating to the most recent shooting, which occurred at Florida State University this year, were students whom were studying for their finals at the University’s library were shot and three were wounded.

Colleges have earthquake drills that are done once every semester. It would be an great idea to have a similar drill to prepare students for shootings.

This would allow students to be more aware and prepared in case the campus is ever caught up in a similar situation.

If a student feels unsafe or unprepared for a dangerous situation, they could contact the Office of Administration services at (323) 265-8669.

Some students might believe it is a bit overwhelming to take extra precautions such as, a print out of the different evacuation routes or contacting the school office for further safety information for something that might not happen. I encourage students to sign up for alerts.

To receive text alerts, students can go online to and follow the simple instructions given to sign up their phone for the alerts.

Now that students are aware, they should go out and take the extra steps to avoid a potential tragedy.

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