Technology diminishes social skills

By Justice Yman Gordon

Most young people today seem to be more comfortable with talking to someone through a screen rather than face-to-face.

Social media affects the youth the most and it’s going to get worse. The new-found way of socializing through technology rather than in real life will get people nowhere.

Some parents are losing their children to a world of irrelevant media. As a parent, keeping your child from drifting away into his or her social networking life is nearly impossible.

According to Jim Taylor, Ph.D., on, “One study found that when the working parent arrived at home after work, his or her children were so immersed in technology that the parent was greeted only 30 percent of the time and was totally ignored 50 percent of the time.”

Before social media became a big deal, people had to communicate with people through face-to-face socialization. These days the need for young adults to socialize face-to-face with anyone is diminishing, they would rather catch up on the media.

This excessive social networking is not healthy or beneficial for day-to-day relationships. It’s keeping the youth isolated from others.

The importance of education is decreasing with the overindulgence of social media within the youth. Instead of paying attention to the instructor in class, students would much rather irrelevantly spend their time on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Why is no one caring to help with how social networking is ruining people’s minds and social skills, especially that of the youth?

Let’s thank social technological advances for making things easier, but at times more than a little socially lazy. These days someone could be less than three feet away from you, but instead of going to them one text them instead.

According to this anonymous person mentioned on, “My brother will sit in the front seat and use Facebook messages to talk when I am sitting right beside him.” Things like this prove exactly why social networking is making people antisocial.

Americans are already labeled as “lazy,” and now it is getting worse because of younger people’s lack of desire to communicate physically. More people should make the effort to get out and enjoy what’s beyond their social media websites.

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