‘Kingsman’ trills audience with action scenes

STEP IN OUT– Harry (Colin Firth), an impeccably suave spy, helps Eggsy (Taron Egerton) turn his life around by trying out for a position with Kingsman, a top-secret independent intelligence organization.
(Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

By Julianne Obregon

Action film “Kingsman: The Secret Service” brings the audience to the edge of their seats as they wonder what will happen next.

Matthew Vaughn, known for directing “Kick-Ass” and “X-Men: First Class,” brought action and humor to this film, based off the comic book “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

The film is about a young man named Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, played by Taron Egerton, known for “Testament of Youth”, is given the opportunity to turn his life around when recruited by Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth,  to participate in a secret spy organization’s training program.

As Eggsy competes with other participants for the only spot available in the organization, a technical genius named Richmond Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, sets his plan to improve the world’s climate by eliminating the majority of the world’s population.

This film was well casted, which made the film memorable.

Firth, Egerton and Jackson took center stage in the film bringing humor to their characters and to the audience.

Egerton achieved in making his character believable and managed to play the role of a delinquent kid without becoming annoying as most characters do with a troubled past.

Though playing the role of a spy is different from the characters Firth, known for “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “Love Actually,” usually plays, he showed the audience that he can take on various types of roles.

Jackson is known for his serious roles and doesn’t stray from that type, but for this film he took the audience by surprise when he played the role of a lisping villain with humor.

Vaughn thrived where other action films failed in making smooth transitions of swift camera movement during the action scenes, especially when opposing sides clashed. Each moment appeared as if it were a scene straight out of the comic book.

The film has a lot of unexpected twists and leaves no room for dull moments.

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” was released in U.S. theaters on Feb. 13 with an R rating.


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