Classic rocker puts new spin on old tracks


By Jesus Figueroa

Legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth shows the world that he continues be a great talent with the magnificent guitar tracks on his newest album “Scorpions Revisited.”

The songs on the album come from classic rock group Scorpions’ albums 40 years ago, specifically the music he helped write, perform and occasionally sing.

The songs are from albums such as “Fly To The Rainbow,” “In Trance,” “Virgin Killer” and “Taken By Force.”

Roth’s songs are more than just re-mastered or replayed. The sounds are brought forward to be reimagined, adding to the style with the experience Roth has gained throughout four decades of his career.

Once listeners hear the first song, it will be difficult to stop listening to the album in its entirety. Each song has its own unique aspect.

“We’ll Burn the Sky” has soothing rifts that ignite with passion as the song continues on with romantic lyrics.

It stands out as a monster ballad that showcase a combination of both soft and hard rock styles by transitioning back and forth between fast power chords and soft rifts.

Roth’s guitar skills serve as an example of his talent.

“Virgin Killer” keeps the fast pace consistency of Roth’s guitar in the forefront of his style.

Although the vocals match the tempo of the guitar, the intensity of the song is heard more through the guitar.

Even as the drums come in to accent the beat, the guitar is the main focus of the song.

The song culminates to a loud screech from the vocals and an equally intense screeching of the guitar, which make it majestic.

“In Trance” follows with a dream like guitar that provides calming sounds for the listener.

The riffs played by Roth truly do capture the listener’s attention before captivating with some loud power cords.

Each song on the album solidifies Roth’s legendary status.

Roth gained notability through pioneering the unique guitar sound that has given the Scorpions prominence.

This classic rocker helped bring fame to classic rock band Scorpions and continued on to be one of the most amazing guitarists, even now among much younger guitarists than he.

Vocalist Nathan James joined Roth for “Scorpions Revisited,” along with drummer Jamie Little, bassist Ule W. Ritgen, guitarist and vocalist Niklas Turmann, keyboardist and vocalist Corvin Bahn and guitarist David Klosinski.

Uli Jon Roth’s “Scorpions Revisited” will be released in the U.S. on March 10 on CD and digital download.

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