Oaxacan street food offers unique hand-made varities

By Cortez Cruz Serrato

Standing on the side of a liquor store parking lot in Echo Park is the Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart assembling quesadillas that are a little different from the one’s that our mothers used to cook up for us.

Pulling up to the quesadilla cart anyone will be instantly amazed by the aroma of fresh handmade blue corn masa being warmed up on the stovetop and the small army gathering around the cart patiently waiting for their turn to order.

Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart is not the only option for excellent street food in the greater Los Angeles area but they use fresh quality ingredients in their quesadillas. This sets them apart from many street vendors.

The    Oaxacan      Quesadilla     Cart offers a variety of fillings for its quesadillas, ranging from: chicken, chorizo and potato, to Huitlacoche (corn smut), chicharon (fried pork skin) and a vegetarian option of a mixture of corn, squash blossoms and chopped onions.

Each quesadilla is wrapped in a blue corn tortilla which is hand made.

The freshness of the tortilla is undeniable.

The tortilla has a soft texture that not only holds the filling well but also does an excellent job of bringing out the flavors of the mozzarella cheese, fillings and salsas.

The chicken inside the chicken quesadilla is very moist and has a lot of flavor. The chicken  is marinated in a collection of   spices and chillies which does not dry out the chicken.

The huitlacoche has a very distinct earthy flavor which is unlike any other flavor.

The taste of the huitlacoche is very smokey and has a mushroom like texture.

Out of all the quesadillas that are offered at the cart, the one that packs the most flavor is the chicharon.

Chicharon is fried pork skin and the cart does an excellent job of making it extremely crispy.

The chicharron is marinated in chillies which makes this quesadilla spicier than the others.

In addition to the spices, the cart offers a variety of extra condiments to add on to the quesadillas.

Mild and hot salsas are offered to add on additional spice to your quesadillas along with a container of additional ricotta cheese.

The tastiest condiment is the medley of nopales, red onions, and cilantro.

The freshness of the medley balances out the spice of the salsa, which gives the quesadilla great balance.

Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart is only open Friday through Monday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Each quesadilla is $3 and drinks are sold for one dollar. It only accepts cash.

The Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart is located on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue, at 1246 Echo Park Avenue in Echo Park.

Parking at the Oaxacan Quesadilla is very simple since the cart is located right next to a free parking lot.

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