Obama’s proposal would greatly impacts students

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By Rogelio Alvarez

President Obama’s proposal on free tuition for community colleges would be a thrilling step in the right direction.

According to president Obama, forthcoming college students need to have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher in order to be eligible for a free community college education.

Future students would not only take advantage of a free education but are also being motivated to achieve good grades.

If and when the president’s proposal becomes a law, students from low-income families will be offered the chance of a lifetime to significantly improve the lives of themselves and their families.

Residents coming from ELAC’s surrounding diverse communities will be encouraged to become aspiring students.

Tuition at 4-year intuition is higher now that it has ever been in history and almost all of their students are graduating with an unbelievable amount of debt.

This almost inescapable financial burden scared me away from applying at universities when I was in high school.

I did not want to pursue a higher education because my family and I couldn’t afford it.

Yet many of the students at ELAC were accepted into 4-year universities but could not attend because tuition at these schools is expensive.

The United States is a country that has stated to provide people with a better life. Free tuition for community colleges will provide students from all over the nation the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill set

Opponents to the president’s proposal argue that many high school students will choose to enroll in community colleges instead of established 4 year universities.

Community colleges are a way for students to eventually integrate themselves to universities’ programs.

As early as elementary school, students are pressured to go to college and in high school, students stress themselves over which and how many AP courses they can take.

Free community college provides these students with a safety net.

Students that had a tough time adjusting to high school can see this option as a second chance.

Many ELAC students receive a fee waiver which help cover the costs of classes, however, not everyone attending ELAC is eligible for one.

Obama’s proposal did not fully cover the criteria on who is eligible for free community college. It is still unspecified whether it’ll apply to international students or older people looking to return to college.

Many of us are or know  AB-540 students who are simply disheartened from attending college because of the many obstacles they face in enrolling and affording to pay for classes.

When and if the president’s proposal becomes the law depends on the complexity of the politics concerning policy making.

The country already spends billions and billions of our tax dollars funding wars around world and maintaining the ridiculous amount prisons in the country.

If the proposal does not lawfully go into effect, millions of people living in the US for generations to come will have been denied a free post-high school education.

The Presidents’s proposal gives chances to people who need them.

President Obama’s proposal speech is available for viewing on Youtube.

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