Community celebrates Chinese Spring Festival

By Cynthia Laguna 

The community was brought together to celebrate the Spring Festival Gala with 12 special live performances at Foyer Auditorium in East Los Angeles College on March 6.

All performances were held in Chinese, making it hard for some attendees to understand conversations between speakers.

Some of the performers of the evening were ELAC students or outside performers.

The  Chinese  Student &  Scholars Association worked together with ELAC Chinese students to make this show possible.

A magic Show performed by the magician Jacob had the crowd amused and clapping happily with the show. The magician out-poured cards that seem to appear right into his hands.

An energetic group performed a traditional Chinese Kung Fu and  delivered different types of moods to the show. The group of performers each used   a different prop such as swords, knives, and sticks. The energy of the performers set the mood for the evening performances.

In between the performances the speakers of the event threw Llama plush toys to the audience. They took a moment to congratulate everyone on the new year.

Two students showed their Beat-boxing and rapping abilities really cheering up the crowd of students in the audience.

To get the crowd to participate the speakers of the event made the students use the app WeChat. Under this app there is an option where you shake the device and it connects you to all the people who were shaking their devices at the same time.

The speaker chose the first three people at the top of the list to enter for a hundred dollar gift card. four people were chosen to pair up and play a game . Two people had to be blindfolded and who ever popped the most balloons were the winners of the gift cards.

Belinda Luo is a student at ELAC and she explained that she feels events like this should be in English as well.

She also mentioned that it was her first time attending these events and she would like for more Chinese events to occur.

An acrobat balanced different plates without breaking them and showed off her flexibility skills by bending herself in different ways.

The Spring Festival in China is a Holiday that brings families together for different activities. It has more than 4,000 years of history. Spring Festival began February 19th and ended March 5th.

On the last day of the Spring Festival there is a Lantern Festival that closes out the Holiday celebration.

The Spring Festival Gala brought together students that were able to see great performances along with traditional ones.

East Los Angeles Foyer Auditorium hosted the Spring Festival Gala put together by the Chinese Students & Scholar Association.


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