Cleanliness Not a Campus Priotrity

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By Gil Milanes

East Los Angeles College has been improving its buildings, giving the college a better appearance, but it has neglected to keep up with the maintenance.

The E7 Technology building that was completed a couple of years ago is a perfect example. The elevators, restrooms and some halls are tagged., Giving it an older appearance than what it actually has.

Some classrooms have suffered from water leaks from either water plumbing lines or air conditioning system and the evidence is visible on the stained ceiling tiles.

The stained ceiling tiles are distracting during lectures and a fire hazard. In the event of a fire, the ceiling tiles help prevent the fire from damaging the buildings’ base structure and escaping to other classrooms.

The damaged ceiling tiles also become a risk for faculty and students’ safety. The ceiling tiles can fall on someone’s head and they can possibly require medical attention.

Classrooms in the E7 Technology Building have gray carpet. Having carpet instead of tile can cause spills as some students carry drinks that over the years have stained the carpet.

Some instructors have a no food, no drink policy inside their classroom, but not all instructors are consistent with the policy.

Restrooms are only clean at the start of the day; by noon restrooms are filthy with trashcans full of  paper towels. Restrooms seem to be only cleaned at the end of the day.

Some malls and businesses often have a log by the main entrance door that states the last time a restroom check was completed. Campus restrooms do not have that.

It is clear that ELAC has maintenance and janitorial personnel as they are seen around campus on golf carts.

Whether there is a supervisor managing the staff and ensuring that proper maintenance is being performed thought out the campus is unclear, but clearly the college it is not looking at its best.

While students are the main cause for the building damages, administration should focus on assuring the damages are minimized and maintenance is performed in more regular basis.

Administration should start off by changing the structure currently in use, first by establishing policies that prohibit students from eating or drinking in classrooms and assuring professors enforce the policy.

Second, by hiring cadets that will actually patrol buildings, restrooms and the entire campus.

It does not make sense to hire cadets that sit by their desk texting, reading, or completing school assignments rather than making sure restrooms are not being vandalized.

Third, students should be more cautious in how they leave the restrooms.The restrooms are student restrooms and its our responsibility to keep them up. The conditions of the restrooms through out the school are unacceptable.

Lastly, administation should  care about the upkeep of the buildings and conduct building inspections more frequently. This prevents major damages from occurring thus leading to a cleaner building.


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