Uber Becomes the go to Transportation Service for Students


By Maria Isidoro

I started to ride Uber last year and quickly became addicted.

Using Uber has saved me money and time. When I need a ride, I open the Uber app, press a button, and I get a ride in three minutes.

I ride Uber to get safely and comfortably from point A to point B.

Uber Technologies Inc. is a ridebooking service that only requires a valid credit card information to use. The fare is calculated by distance and time and Uber drivers get to your location in minutes.

Uber  provides riders with an estimated rate and time arrival after a pickup has been requested.

Uber also sends text messages about the driver’s name, type of car and plate, including a one-to-five star rating.

Since Uber’s launch in 2010, it has attracted a large clientele including celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, who became a driver for a day on his live show.

Uber is convenient, less expensive, is more reliable than taxis, and it has faster pick-up time.

The cars are nice and clean, and most of my Uber drivers have been friendly.

When I used to ride a taxi they would charge me twice as much than Uber does.

My evening trips with Uber, range from 2.5 to 20 miles and costs around $5 to $25.

It has helped me organize my day and it has enhanced my lifestyle.

But even with all of the promises and easier transportation, it can also put riders at risk.

Last Christmas, I requested a driver of nearly put me and my family’s life in danger.

The Uber driver who may have been impaired, made a right-hand turn that jolted us severely. It was 3 a.m.

He was traveling well over the posted 35 mph speed limit and ran a red light.

He also made an abrupt stop sending us to the front seat, and he couldn’t find the freeway entrance.

We were shocked. He got lost and we had to guide him through the streets to our place, even though he had his smartphone.

My brother thought that the driver was on drugs because of his red and glassy eyes.

This experience shook me up because drivers should offer safe rides to passengers.

Uber hires independent contractors that are required to submit a proof of insurance card to operate as an Uber driver.

Also Uber drivers are screened for felonies related to driving, violence, terrorism and property damage in the last seven years, but they aren’t required to undergo a livescan.

I encourage people to be more concerned about the risk that they are taking when requesting any type of rideshare company, such as Lyft and Sidecar.

Even though Uber has its dark side, I still use Uber to get home safely.

New Uber users should request drivers that have more than a 4.8 star rating.

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