Badminton’s conference woes continue

By Joshua Inglada 

The Husky badminton team recorded its second South Coast Conference loss to Pasadena City College in the on  Friday (21-0).

PCC badminton showed no signs of weakness and kept up its mounting offense to the Huskies’ shaky defense.

They smashed several shots while the Huskies fumbled occasionally.

Not a single match point was earned by ELAC’s badminton team.

According to Huskies coach Qui Nguy, it was a total shutdown in the end.

“We practice every day,” PCC head coach Jennifer Ho said.

“We have a big team and that really helps things.”

The badminton team’s physical fitness and amount of practice was the deciding factors of the game.

“Our running speed needs a lot of work. Our endurance also needs to be worked on,” Nguy stated.

The team needs to practice its shots and reflexes to improve for future opponents.

Both of the players gathered in teams of six for 21 games of women’s doubles and singles.

Mgui explained that the reason that ELAC’s team was smaller in comparison to PCC’s team.

Huskies had chosen to only pick a minimum group of players because they wanted to bring their best players to compete for the day.

“We’re playing the number- one team right now and we’re number two. It’s going be tough, but hopefully we’ll be able to score more points this time,” Nguy said.

Despite their high hopes, things didn’t go well for the Huskies this time either.

In women’s doubles, sophomore Loi Kuan Ho (Phyllis) and freshman Li Ting Wu fared poorly.

They played doubles against PCC freshman Rebecca Tzou and freshman Zin Win Maw.

Wu and Ho were offset by the connection between Tzou and Maw’s teamwork.

Resulting in losses in both of the matches they played agianst them, (21-5, 21-3).

Husky sophomore Mei Mei and freshman Jia Min Li (Stephanie) picked things up in their match against PCC freshman Diana Resendez and sophomore Karina Bustillos.

They couldn’t earn the win, but played a competitve match losing, (21-13, 21-17).

In women’s singles, Wu scored 20 points to sophomore Ying Wen Lin’s 22 in their first match, but was unable to gain the point for her team.

Mei’s match with Bustillos began poorly, recording a loss, (21-2).

While Mei wasn’t able to pull off a win, she still managed to play a fair game (21-12).

The Huskies compete in a favored matchup against the third ranked team in SCC play, EL Camino College today at 3 p.m.

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