New Milestone edition captivates


By Julianne Obregon 

For the first time in Milestone history, students were able to manage the content in its yearly publication.

The magazine is filled with artwork and literary work from students at East Los Angeles College as well as residents of East LA.

The literary work in this magazine ranges from a story about adding classes on the first day of college to submissions for a six-word story contest the staff of Milestone had on March 26, 2014.

Writers Joshua Castro and Raul Meza successfully captured college student life in their work.

In “A+d+d+i+n+g,” Castro wrote about a students first day at college and what she went through to add a class on the first day.

It was easy to picture this character interacting with the five other students that were looking to add the same class as her in Castro’s story.

Each character had a different personality which created an interesting and believable story.

In “#collegestudentproblems” Meza perfectly depicts what a students Twitter feed could look like by writing lines like “So, like, I added to the conversation. That’s my ten points for the day, right? #Slay” and “American Horror Story: Finals.”

Meza brought humor to his work as well as a truthfulness that everyone can relate to, such as bus schedule problems and dealing with textbook prices.

The audience, whether they are college students or not, can relate to both stories through the characters the authors have created.

Milestone: Real Stories of East LA is filled with photography from cover-to-cover by Franco Aguilar.

The photo on the front cover of the magazine is part of Aguilar’s photo essay “Hacienda: What Lies There.”

The lone subject in the center of ruins creates a sense of darkness that gives readers a sense of the content beneath the cover.

The detail in Aguilar’s “Out of the Smoke, No. 3” photograph is incredible from the detail in the hands of the subject to the texture of the skull remains the subject is holding.

In the painting, “Deep Thought, Oil on Canvas” by Jesus Barrales, the subject looks haunted with her hand on her forehead and her gaze looking down.

The angle of the subject in the painting, goes perfectly with the story titled “Wade In Her Water,” by Richard Lopez.

Though the cover of the magazine may appear intimidating, most of the work inside represents fear and loss, something that every person has gone through.

The Milestone magazine is available for purchase at the ELAC Bookstore.

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