ASU board decided for 2015-16

By Joshua Inglada

New Associated Student Union representatives have been elected.

As of May 5, Romel Lopez won the position of President with 368 votes.

“I’ll be the first in my family to graduate,” Lopez said. “Information was a key item that helped me get where I am today. I want to be able to give that information to the student body and the less-informed.”

The position of Executive Vice President went to Yareli Contreras, who was present at the tallying of the votes. She received 495 votes.

Alfredo Elias Hurtado took the spot of Vice President of Finance with 536 votes. 840 votes earned Zihdong Guo the position of Treasurer. Jessica Ramirez won the position of Secretary with 815 votes behind her.

Voters were given the choice to vote between several possible candidates for each category. Indecisive voters were given the option of voting for Void to make their vote blank.

The highest number of votes went to Cristal Zuniga, ASU’s Historian, who received 1,058 votes in total.

Contreras said she still needs time to process the fact that she was voted as the new Executive V.P.

She plans to use her position to try and do a lot on the board this year.

“Especially with the clubs. I actually helped start one club, so I know what it’s like to be part of a club. I want to advocate more clubs,” Contreras said.

Contreras started the Dreamweavers group at ELAC, a club for former and current foster care youth.

Contreras plans to focus on her studies first before she gets too immersed in her V.P. duties.

She said that a lot of her support came from her working in the Art Department and being part of many clubs on campus.

The candidates all have one week to file in any complaints and concerns before the votes are made official. ELAC Vice President Oscar Valeriano will be the one to certify the winners of the election.

The voting process took place at both the main campus and the South Gate Education Center. Each voting session lasted for two days.

The final results of the election and names of the runner-ups will be posted and can be viewed on ASU’s group page on Facebook.

The new representatives take office beginning fall 2015.

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