New coach, new team brings new perspective to East Los Angeles College football

By Marcus Camacho

After a series of off-season moves, the East Los Angeles College football team looks to bounce back and have a successful fall season.

ELAC’s off-season began with the firing of head coach Steven Mojarro. Mojarro had a record of 11-19 in his three seasons as head coach and went 3-7 to finish the year.

The Huskies replaced Mojarro with first-time head coach Eric Marty.

Despite this being his first head coaching job, he has coaching and playing experience from competing in the U.S. and overseas.

“We have implemented the various elements that as a staff we believe is vital to being a successful football program. That means a heavy emphasis on our strength and conditioning, teaching scheme and technique and making sure that we maximize our facilities and resources at ELAC,” Marty said.

The team continues going through some major changes during the off-season.

The Huskies’ new offense is what the coach calls a balanced pro-spread system.  The system is the combination of various elements of spread and pro-style offenses.

Spread offense is when the quarterback is in shotgun position and there are multiple receivers on the field.

Pro-style offense is a term that means any system that replicates the offenses used by the professionals.

The Huskies’ offense is schematically similar to what the University of Southern California  is doing on offense currently, however they also borrows elements from other college and professional teams.

The defense is similar to what the Seattle Seahawks run. The  Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll runs with four defensive lineman and one high safety scheme.

The Huskies went into the off-season trying to recruit as many players for each position.

“We are recruiting as hard as we can. Our coaches understand that recruiting is the lifeblood of our program and the most important job of every coach.  Players win games, not coaches.  Our job is to get as many talented, quality young men on the roster as possible,” Marty said.

Although the team has done some recruitment, it will not know which of them will make the roster until the first day of practice on August 14.

ELAC has struggled to find a consistent starting quarterback, since Aaron Cantu back in 2012. Marty is working during the off-season to get a quarterback.

“To ensure our quarterback is successful, first we will make sure we put a great offensive line around him, have a strong rushing attack and give him weapons on the outside,” Marty said.

“It’s critical to put the quarterback in a position to be successful, coach him up and develop him and cater to his strengths,” he said.

ELAC had a couple of quarterbacks that transferred in for this upcoming season and one or two more in recruiting.

With all the new changes, Marty is happy with some of the players that are returning from last years team.

“I’ve been very impressed with the talent on campus, returning from last year,” Marty said.

Marty was excited to work with linebackers Jose Aguero, Jonathan Enriquez and Carlos Gomez as well as defensive backs Ryan Cisneros and Adrian Rodriguez.

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