Husky Bowl to conclude school year for ASU

By Bryce Ronquillo

The East Los Angeles College Associated Student Union plan to finish the school year with a celebration at the 5th Annual Husky Bowl on Thursday May .

At the last Inter-Club Council Meeting of the spring semester on May 13 to discuss Husky Bowl and other club matters.

“It’s a day where the clubs can partake in camaraderie and friendly competition,” ASU Executive vice president Romel Lopez said.

ASU hosts this event as an end of the year celebration. It will take place on Thursday at P2 S2 from 12-2 p.m.

Clubs participating make a team of four people and participate in various games to win cash prizes. This money is used to fund the clubs.

“The husky bowl is also a way we say goodbye to the board,” said Lopez.

ASU will have a new students on the board in the fall 2015 semester.

Lopez was elected as the ASU president and will take his new position during the upcoming fall semester.

“As president I’m excited to finish my projects I started this year such as providing a shuttle that will take students from the gold line directly to ELAC,” said Lopez.

During this meeting, clubs spoke  about what they accomplished this year. Clubs such as the speech and the auto tech club sent teams earned national recognition at prestigious competitions.

ASU was able to travel to Washington D.C and Sacramento. In Washington, ASU appeared before congress to talk about the issues of free education for community college students and providing a full year pell grant.

“The trip went very well. I feel that free community college education is very possible as well as the pell grant,” said Chief Delegate Kit Lee.

Both Lopez and Lee are taking away valuable experience from this year on ASU.

“I gained a lot of leadership experience that i’m going to need,” said Lopez.

“I love the fact that we (ASU) get the opportunity for student to do what they want to do,” said Lee.


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