International student finds home at East Los Angeles College

By Xiaoyan Yang

Anju Li is her Chinese name. Her English name is Flora. At 18 year old, Li first heard about ELAC through an institute in China she had joined that told her of all the good schools in America.

“Before I came here I studied and was determined to go to the U.S and then researched and found California had a lot of good schools,” said Li. “Then, I researched and knew I wanted to start in California.” Li learned that California provided a large spectrum of schools and felt she would have a lot of good opportunities if she went overseas. Flora was also influenced to come to the U.S when she saw the weather. Flora is currently living with a mutual friend in an apartment near ELAC.

“A lot of Chinese students come here like me,” Li said.

The United States has the world’s largest international student population, with over 950,000 students choosing to continue their life and education U.S. Li is a full-time student at ELAC and is enrolled for 18 units this semester.  Li wants to transfer to a university and pursue a career accounting. Flora is not exactly sure of where she wants to transfer to but she plans to transfer in 2016.

While making the trip from China to the U.S, Flora faced many struggles the most important one being leaving her home. Guangzhou, China is located 7436 miles away from Los Angeles. “Sometimes I miss home because I can’t see my mom and dad, but it feels good while I’m studying because I know I can learn a lot,” Li said. Li enjoys being with all students who are at ELAC.

Li is very determined in her studies and enjoys her education. At times it is hard for Flora but she is challenging herself and enjoying it. “I plan to transfer to a four year university and my job will maybe in China or the United States based on the job,” Li said.

There are many reasons that international students like Flora like to come to ELAC to study at the undergraduate level. They can learn more about what the U.S has to offer an international student. The different skills and experience she will acquire will help Flora focus on what she should consider when deciding whether to remain in Los Angeles after graduation or work in China.

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