Speech team presents award-winning pieces

By Guadalupe Barriga

The East Los Angeles College Speech Team returns home as winners and will be presenting their national award-winning selections of comedy, drama and poetry on May 19 and 21 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Speech team coach Ryan Smith said he proud to show the work his students created at California Community College Forensics Association State Championship tournament.

The speech team won first place in the Team Sweepstakes.

Most of the students who participated in the tournament will present their own piece of work such as drama, poetry and comedy.

A few of the students performing are team’s president Israel Beltran, vice president Gordon Ip and Chloe Romero.

Romero lead the team and won gold in dramatic interpretation and bronze in duo interpretation with her partner Liliana Dung.

“It was shocking to win first place,” Smith said. “It has never happened before in East Los Angeles College.”

Smith advices people to attend this event and experience the team’s performance in person. Some students will also receive their scholarships to attend a Cal State or University.

Smith said his experience at Nationals was fun and very competitive. His number one advice to student is, “Keep your eye on the price.”

He knows all members in the team put their best work and dedication into this tournament.

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