Students fail to apply for financial aid

By Evanee Taylor

The Financial Aid Department has no problem funding students who need extra help to get through the school year. However, many students miss out on this opportunity.

Students are missing out on the free funds primarily due to not applying for FASFA on time or at all.

According to the financial aid office, many students fail to apply for FASFA, missing out on an opportunity to receive funds for their classes, books and other expenses.

At East Los Angeles College, if students apply for FASFA, they will get their class fees waived even if they are not eligible to receive funds.

It takes about three to four weeks after submitting the FAFSA application for a student to hear back from the financial aid office.

Students will receive an award letter that will sum up what they are eligible for as far as federal grants, pell grants and cal grants. Students do not have to pay back these grants.

Loans are not recommended only because it could take students years to pay back loans along with interest.

When everything is finalized, students will receive a debit card with the student aid that allows them to purchase school books and anything else they may need to help their school year run smoother financially. If students do not apply for FASFA, they will not receive funds.

Students that are eligible to receive the full amount for financial aid may receive up to $5,700 per semester. There are requirements that need to be met to receive the maximum student aid, such as maintain a 2.0 GPA, be enrolled at least half time and apply before the deadline.

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