Students unaware of ASU services

By Javier Lopez

It seems the Associated Students Union, whose main goal is to provide students at East Los Angeles College with services hasn’t reached out to enough students yet. Although, there are many students who are aware of ASU there are just as many who don’t know much about it.

After asking a few students if they knew what ASU was, six out of eight either did not know what ASU was or meant. Most of them had a very vague idea of what ASU was and what their purpose on campus. The ones who were most unaware of ASU were first year students at ELAC.

Fist year students at ELAC seem to have never heard of ASU before. When Cindy Moc was asked how she felt about not knowing about ASU she said, “It’s my first year in college and I feel like services are not really announced to students here.”

First year students are the ones who need the most help. The services that ASU provides could be very beneficial to them. Out of all the students who were interviewed, some were here longer than a semester and even they were a bit lost when it came to ASU.

A student by the name of Pamela Martinez was asked about ASU, her response was, “ A lot of students don’t know about ASU and even when you pay for ASU privileges, you don’t really know what comes with it.”

Martinez said, “They tell you they offer so many things but they don’t specify what they offer.” Martinez is actually a member of ASU herself and does not know many of the privileges ASU comes with. This is yet another problem that students face when it comes to ASU.

This was found to be true. Out of the eight students who were asked what the ASU privileges were, most only knew about one or two of them. ELAC student Evelyn Zuniga was asked if she knew about ASU member privileges and said, “I know of the parking structure and book renting, that’s all.”

Two is a small number compared to the list of ASU membership perks. This includes: Discounts at local retailers and restaurants with a free community discount card, free snacks during finals week for fall and spring semesters and access to student clubs and leadership positions etc. But perks aren’t the only thing missing, most of the students interviewed knew nothing about the April elections that just took place.

Cindy Moc was also asked if she knew that they have just elected a new ASU president along with other cabinet members. Her response was, “I didn’t know there was elections.” Considering that ASU is a program that is meant to benefit the students it is also fundamental that the students are informed of elections. There was one person who was interviewed that knew about the ASU Elections more than the rest.

Denise Guajardo was well-informed when it came to the results of the election. When asked how she found out the results of the elections she said, “In the club I’m in, someone told me who won.” She is a delegate for the Puente club at ELAC. The person who told her was Vanessa Diaz, who was also running for ASU president. Some students were aware of the elections but didn’t know enough of the candidates to vote, which is also a problem.

After asking Stephanie D’Ledezma, a student at ELAC, if she knew about the elections she said she knew of them but she did not see enough candidate promotions to make a well-educated vote. She said, “ If they’re that important they should promote more or show more so that way people know what they do and get more votes.” Votes are very important and it is important to get students to vote.

There are an estimated 25,000 enrolled students at ELAC who could have voted. Out of those estimated 25,000 students only 1,236 voted for their ASU president. ASU has done a good job of keeping the students who are aware of their services happy but the rest need to be helped and informed as well.

Most of the students who were asked if ASU would benefit them answered yes and all of them also wished that ASU could be exposed to more students at ELAC. When asked how she thought ASU was doing promotion wise, D’Ledezma said, “It’s not out there, I know that there’s tutoring, the health center and art galleries because they’re always promoted but not ASU.”

It is important for students to know of all of the services that are offered to students. ASU a service that is available to almost all students at ELAC This is why it is important for the student body to be aware of ASU’s existence.

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