Elan fashions new career opportunity

By Crystal Luna

Juggling a challenging school schedule while working full-time, and considering a career change has Denise Beltran busier than she has ever been in her lifetime.

Currently working in the early education field, she realized that she does not want to continue pursing that career.

Although having child development units under her belt, the East Los Angeles College student knows that she can still make a change in her path.

Encouraged by her aunt, Beltran is looking into the possibility of following fashion and blogging to earn an income, in a job she knows she will enjoy because it involves fashion and social media.

To spice-up her career, she is adding music festivals to her plan.

Beltran goes to music festivals and enjoys planning outfits for different dates of any events that she attends. She considers herself to be trendy and fashionable.

The topic of music festivals, fashion and make-up, comes naturally to her.

The idea is to post and blog about attire to wear for specific music festivals.

The advantage she feels she has is that, Beltran is a “smart” shopper.

She buys items from deals or sales. This can all be useful, according to Beltran, because in festivals you already have other things to worry about like, hotels, food, and souvenirs.

She would want people to worry less about spending more.

She has not started on fashion and social media, but has taken action into transitioning out of the early education field.

Beltran is working on a daily basis submitting resumes, cover letters, and applications to different employers of her interest.

She said that it does become difficult because it seems that she is starting over. She has bills to pay, and having to start over again, maybe means less money and hours.

At the end of the day the only thing she thinks about is being happy. Her focus on that, help her in continuing with to job search and career change.

Presently her energy is invested in figuring-out what she wants to do.

She will soon graduate from East Los Angeles College, but would like to leave school knowing the studies she will focus on.

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