Students desire more food options

By Jonathan Rivera

Malibu Bagel Food Truck has been serving food to the students of East Los Angeles College for a few years now.  They serve all the American and Hispanic staples from asada burritos and tacos to burgers, hot dogs and fries.

It’s easy to stop by in between classes and grab a quick bite to eat.  Wait times for food usually never exceed five minutes and there’s usually a table open to eat.

There are even dozens of fast food restaurants near campus like McDonalds, Carl’s Jr and Taco Bell in case a student is looking for further options.

Students who don’t have time to rush from the main campus to the Atlantic Square Plaza and back for a meal choose by default the Malibu Bagel Food Truck.

The food there is all well and good, however it lacks diversity and students do eventually grow tired of the same offerings every day.

Being that it is a food truck and capable of moving why not move other food trucks to the ELAC campus.  There are hundreds of different food truck companies out in the greater Los Angeles area, I propose bringing them to ELAC.

From the Ragin’ Cajun, Waka Burgers, the Grilled Cheese truck and even a Lobsta Truck there are sample options to choose from.

Some students may also appreciate the vegan and vegetarian options these new food trucks could offer.  Some food trucks offer gluten-free meals as well as healthier options in general.

Many food trucks are specialty food trucks and their food could offer a new experience to students adding to the educational qualities of ELAC.

Being that there are so many different options a vote by the ASU could determine which food trucks would be invited to visit the campus.

Factors such as affordability and food offerings would occupy the majority of the decision.

Nevertheless bringing these food trucks to school shows that the ELAC is changing and changing for the better.  With the addition of new buildings, it’s time to change its offerings in food as well.

ELAC president Marvin Martinez  ELAC said there are over 25,000 students enrolled in credit courses, more so than any year before.  With numbers like this it shouldn’t be too hard to attract a handful of food trucks to visit on a bi-weekly basis.

When construction is completed these enrollment numbers will only increase leading to more business and thus diversity in the food options for students.  It wouldn’t come as surprising that many students would appreciate having different offerings of food every day.

With this is mind it can only happen if students want it.  That means asking yourself if you’d like to come to school and be able to buy a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich or the same old boring cut up chicken strips combo.  If your answer is the latter then a request to the ASU is a good first step.

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