Music Department presents student recital

By Aliyah Allen

East Los Angeles College Music Department presented their first student recital of the semester.

Dr. Lucy Nargizyan, held the first Student Recital and was proud of the outcome of her students. Nargizyan had a very versatile level of students some only in their third semester in playing. She is planning to hold one every semester to give her students as much experience that they need to excel.

The students have been competing in other competitions throughout the semester. “Preparation and practices and tons of discipline every day,” said Nargizyan. The only way to get better as a composers is to maintain practice.

About 11 students played some of their favorite pieces at their first ELAC Recital. The piano students, who participated in the recital are, John Solano, Jennifer Peterson, Daniel Lopez, Juan Gamez, Daniel Jimenez, Cesar Clemente, Yunting Xie, Migue Lopez, Biwei Chen and Michael Cooper.

Michael Cooper, a young man who played two pieces had a rough start at the Recital. He had three weeks to remember his piece. He did not enjoy his performance because he made a mistake in the beginning. He was not prepared with memory but put on a performance.

Cooper enjoys performing because all the emotion that gets poured out into the composition. He learned a piece by, Rachmaninoff Prelude in G-sharp Minor, Op.32, and No.12. This is a composer who inspires him to perform. “Piano is my instrument I play the music in my head.” Cooper is training himself to always be mentally prepared.

Yunting Xie, an experienced piano player who won three competitions before the Recital had a great show. Nargizyan was very proud of her today,” she has won three competitions.” Xie couldn’t imagine choosing her favorite performance at the recital. “There all my favorite,”said Xie.

She played Beethoven Sonata No.18, Op.31, No.3 a piece she played at her second recital. She said, “The way to play good is learning and attending competition.”

Xie also played with her classmate Michael Cooper. They played a composition by, A.Dvorak. They both had a lot to practice but maintained a great mindset when it was performance time.

The piano students gave it their all on stage . Some of the students performaned individually others had a partner. Cooper and Xie were two students who had more than one performance. Overall many were proud of their accomplishment. They can’t wait to hold on every semester.

Practice makes perfect and they are striving to learn. The Recital was being planned since the semester started. The students and Dr. Nargizyan were proud of the outcome.

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