Softball field closed for renovations

By Jade Inglada

The softball field will remain closed from April 30 until June 30 while going through some repairs.

It’s costing about $29,000 to upgrade the field.

The last time it received an upgrade was around 2010.

Director of Facilities Abel Rodriguez said the field is being restored and getting new turf installed. He said that this is one of the 150 projects he is currently working on on campus.

“We got some complaints about the softball field,” Rodriguez said. “The field was suffering from uneven spots and students would have to step over them to avoid them. We wanted to keep students safe from falling or tripping over the dips and getting any injuries.”

No students reported any injuries from the uneven areas in the field.

Although the turf has already been placed, students need to wait a month for the turf to settle itself on the field.

Rodriguez said this is one of several changes being made to provide more attention to women’s sports on campus. Rodriguez also said that the lockers and the floor in the women’s gym have also been redone to look like new.

East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez and Vice President of Administrative Services Ann Tomlinson requested a list of items that need to be addressed to improve the campus for students. These items are being attended to over the upcoming year.

The softball field is the last athletic facility to receive new turf. The baseball field and Weingart Stadium already had upgrades.

The stadium seats and track will also get upgrades.

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