Studying early makes finals easier

By George Maldonado

The schedule that East Los Angeles College students make to study for finals always seems to be budgeted within days or hours of their finals.

All semester, many students go to school whether its all week or once a week, but the fact is that most students don’t seem to care about studying until the final week.

Now, students have a short amount of time to study and a lot of the time other things become factor – having to baby sit, work or having to study other classes – and add on pressure.

It seems impossible that a full-time ELAC student or any college student can pass all their finals when they only begin to study a week prior to finals.

Making a schedule to study must become a priority.

The finals process becomes hectic for students because of all-night study sessions with notes and limited resources.  The Helen Miller Bailey library extended its hours, but most students don’t make the effort to go to the library on a Sunday.

Scheduling appointments with tutors for English or math becomes impossible because many students tend to make appointments weeks ahead. Being able to turn in revised and perfected English papers become less likely to happen.

The stress builds up for many students as they enter their classrooms unprepared, tired and without confidence.

Buying Scantrons, pencils and green books from the bookstore or Husky Store can become difficult.

At the last minute, sometimes students realize they are missing test material and search for a classmate to buy what they need from them. Sometimes there aren’t enough materials to be shared or sold.

Students should be doing good work and studying all semester so finals won’t be as hectic.

ELAC students have all the resources on campus to meet up with professors to get feedback on work, making tutoring appointments and studying at their own levels.

Trying to get find out about extra credit assignments from professors at the end of the semester can be bothersome or annoy them.

With resources like the Technology Center, Writing Center, Math Lab and library available, there shouldn’t be a reason for students to delay studying.

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