Pathway program leads students to law school

By Stephanie Guevara

East Los Angeles College is providing a mentoring program for students who aspire a career in law.

Through the Pathway to Law School program students will gain a clear understanding in what a law career consist of. The program will expose students in different branches of law.

Sociology Professor Christine Rodriquez wanted to coordinate a program that educated student and also made student reflect if they really want to major in law.

There had been an attempt to be part of a state bar program, but failed to achieve. “ I was very disappointed that we weren’t successful in being part of the the state bar program,” Rodriguez said.  After failing achievement, East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez suggested Rodriguez to create a program for ELAC students.

Rodriguez wants to student to learn that criminology isn’t the only branch in law. The program will show a different face in law, such as the applying law into teaching.

Students will be taken to bar event so they can familiarize with the type of environment. Visits to courthouse will be made and students will be able to speak to attorneys.

Student won’t only be taught how to get into Law School, but will also be exposed to the practice in law.  A mentor will be given to each students in the program as a source of guidance.

The program will also provide students with visits to Law school and get an inside view on what law classes consist of. Student will be able to meet with students that are in  process of achieving a law career. At the club a guest speaker will be brought for students to speak about different aspects in law.

According to Rodriguez, if a student decides they don’t want to pursue a career in law, that too will be a success because the students realized ahead of time. “ Student should gain a knowledge on what the law career is about, and if they change their mind in law it will also be a success.

Students that are entering the program must sustain a 3.0 GPA.  Prerequisite classes to enter the program  are  Sociology 14 and Math 227 or 260. Student must also be enrolled in English 101 of have placed on assessment testing.

Student of all major are welcomed to be part of the Pathway program. According to Rodriguez, every major involves law, therefore the program accepts all majors.

Rodriguez advice to law major student is get involved in writing, critical think, and analysis classes.  “Fifty percent of law school is just writing, therefore having good writing is required,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, a University of California, Los Angeles alum, advices law majors to expose themselves broadly so they can really know what they are getting themselves into. “Student should decide to go to law school because they know what they are getting into,” Rodriguez said.

As an undergraduate, Rodriguez said she wasn’t exposed as much to law. With this program, students leave with the appropriate exposure to the subject.

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