‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ provides fun for the whole family


BY Kristen Garcia

“Hotel Transylvania 2” was a great transition from the original film filled with many of the same cheesy gags that children love to see.

The film starts with Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez and her “zing” Johnny’s wedding day.

The Monster-only hotel has opened its doors to human guests with Johnny, voiced by Andy Samberg, as head of monster-human relations. Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler is more laid-back and accepting of this century’s humans. One year goes by and the couple are now expecting.

Drac holds on to hope that there will soon be another vampire in the family and having reason for Mavis to keep from leaving the hotel.

The audience is taken through the years as Dennis, voiced by Asher Blinkoff, grows up starting from his first birthday where the audience finds a young vampire has until the age of five to grow his fangs.

Drac takes Dennis the week before he turns five in an attempt to “bring out the vampire” in him and enlists his pack, Frankenstein (voiced by Kevin James), Wayne (voiced by Steve Buscemi), Griffin (voiced by David Spade), Murray (voiced by Keegan – Michael Key), and Blobby (voiced by Jonny Solomon) to help him in this montage of haunts they used to do when they were young.

A majority of the characters are voiced by the same cast as the first movie. The character animation style was kept the same as in the first movie. With Dracula being more accepting of humans it seemed that they tried a little too hard to get him in the knows of technology. Though it made for laughs, getting him to use a cell-phone for texting but his nails getting in the way seemed like a bit much.

There is also an underdeveloped subplot centered around Mavis  wanting to be in the human world but still feeling awkward and out of place there. If they focused more on that, the audience probably would have seen that her wanting to live amongst more humans wouldn’t have necessarily been all for her son’s benefit.

Mavis takes on a very protective motherly tone with hints of the playfulness she showed in the first movie and shows more maturity on her part. Selena Gomez’ voiceover for Mavis really helped bring the character to life with playful but also stern tones. She was able to switch giving a perfect range whether she is speaking to her Dennis, Johnny, or Drac.

Johnny on the other hand, does show some maturity but still with his hippie laidback persona throughout.Though being Dennis’ father, he’s not as much of a main character as he should have been. He had little to do with the plot other than passing on his human genes to Dennis and being a distraction for Mavis and someone for Drac to manipulate.

His character could have grown more if he had a little more to say about his child’s future.

“Hotel Transylvania 2” is an enjoyable movie for all ages but geared towards a younger audience with moments a parent could relate to.

There are many of the same corny jokes from the first movie. Some seem out of place but ultimately still add to all the laughs and children will love it either way.

This film is rated PG for parental guidance as some material may not be suitable for children.


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