Students lack school spirit


By Jacquelyn Gonzalez

Students at East Los Angeles College tend to embody a disappointing lack of school spirit and unity.

Having come from a high school with top-of-the-line school pride, I can’t help but wonder why it is that ELAC is so quiet.

Aside from the ongoing ruckus due to the construction on campus, the students themselves are fairly silent; passing one another, avoiding eye-contact and solely focusing on their destination.

There is a definite lack of school unity here at ELAC, as well as an obvious absence of school spirit.

School spirit is very important and ELAC needs more of it.

Yes, college should be about getting down to business, however, that doesn’t mean there can’t be room for some fun.

I’ve asked classmates if they    have attended any of the football games here on campus and more often than not, the answer is no. When asked why, the immediate response is that our team isn’t exactly the best.

This is despite the fact that the Huskies currently hold a record of 2-1.

Having been a student athlete myself, I can say that support is a key element when it comes to success.

Our team needs a crowd to cheer them on. We must come together and bring to life our Husky spirit. This goes for all of our sports teams.

Aside from athletics, school spirit and unity proves to be important on an academic level as well.

According to, after having interviewed students, multiple school administrators found that school spirit can improve a student’s commitment to their education.

This kind of commitment may discourage students from dropping out of school, which is an unfortunate and yet common decision that many Elans find themselves making.

Having a learning environment that nurtures the growth of students both socially and academically could increase the number of students making a successful transition out of ELAC.

This would bring our school’s overall academic and athletic ratings higher, thus positively solidifying its reputation among colleges.

Providing students with degrees supplies communities with a more educated population, which  benefits everyone in the long run. It’s a ripple effect.

There are multiple methods that student councils throughout the country use to establish and build school spirit.

Among these methods are as follows: Featuring an “Athlete of the Week” on the weekly campus paper, designing and distributing a “School Victory Flag” for sporting events, organizing school barbecues/potlucks the nights before football games and hosting bonfire rallies in the school stadium.

Each of these methods serve as opportunities for the student body to come together as one and celebrate something that is bigger than themselves.

These methods allow students to make memories and plant a seed of school pride in their hearts, helping them to look forward to coming to school every day.

School spirit is a part of American college culture. These years disappear in the blink of an eye. Let’s make the best of them.

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