Transfer director visits Univision

By Guadalupe Barriga

Transfer Center Director Paulina Palomino was invited to represent East Los Angeles College in the early Spanish show “A Primera Hora” in Univision on Sept 1.

Palomino felt proud to be chosen to talk about the importance to help students transfer to a four-year university.

In the show, she explained that it is important for students to know that the transfer center at ELAC wants to help students transfer to their dream university and get their career started.

Palomino has been ELAC’s transfer director for seven years and helps ELAC students transfer to a four-year university after they complete their units.

Univision contacted ELAC’s public information officer Alejandro Guzman to invite Palomino to its studios because ELAC is the biggest community college in Southern California and its transfer percentage has increased.

She said this was an exciting experience. “I was nervous. I had to practice professional Spanish vocabulary,” said Palomino.

Univision has visited ELAC on couple of occasions, but Palomino has never visited Univision studios and she described the set before the show.

It was full of staff members and cameramen all around.

Palomino’s first advice for students was to visit a counselor as soon as they enter a community college.

It is a free service that can help them start college with the right foot and follow the correct steps to transfer faster to a university. ELAC’s faculties along with Palomino are working on new ways to help students transfer.

For instance, student can now start their paperwork to transfer as long as they have completed 30 units and all English classes required.

Another way Palomino is helping students is by sending postcards to invite them to visit the transfer center. So far she has contacted 300 students and hopes to increase the number.

Palomino is also finding ways to fund money for university tours. The money will be taken from ELAC’s budget. It’s to take students to visit different universities as a way to inspire them to transfer.

ELAC’s president Marvin Martinez and Palomino are working on additional workshops on weekends and will soon have breakfast with university representatives.

They are also discussing ways to develop transfer programs like they do with the University of California, Los Angeles and Loyola Marymount University to bring the University of Southern California and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to ELAC campus to help students transfer.

During the show Palomino was asked important questions by the television host Gabriela Teissier and one was “Who is the right person to guide you through college?” Palomino’s answer was “A counselor is the right person to be your guidance throughout college because he/she will advise you to take the right classes to go from a community college to a university.”

Teissier made a generous comment in the beginning of the show by calling Palomino in Spanish “A marvelous woman.” Palomino said she didn’t realize she had been called a wonderful woman by Teissier until she had left the studios, however, it was an honor to hear that.

As a large Latino community and large campus, ELAC is inviting students to come and start their college education here and they will get the help of counselors and Palomino to transfer.

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