Kinesiology Club hosts dodgeball tournament to promote healthy lifestyle

BY Joshua Inglada

The Kinesiology Club hosted  its 2nd Dodgeball Tournament on Oct. 1 in the Women’s Gym, located in the E-9 building.

The event was led by the adviser of the club, Rick Gamboa, and club President Edith Ortiz.

Thirty four members of the Kinesiology Club were there to help with   setting things up for the    tournament.

Registration began at 11:30 a.m. while the game started at 12:00  p.m. Participants signed waivers before they could be put in teams.

According to Ortiz, the turnout for the tournament was much better than last year’s.

“We only had 40 players show last year. Now we have over 65 with us today. This was a really good turnout for today,” Ortiz said.

Six teams played  in the gym at a time, rotating opponents after every game. Any time a team won two games, they would be switched out so that a new team could   play. Three games   were played at a time.

Gamboa arranged the teams to have five players each and gave a pep talk before they started.

“No headshots and don’t aim too high. It’s all about interacting and having fun,” Gamboa said.

Friends of the players and Kinesiology Club members were allowed to watch from the bleachers as the games took place.

The tournament also gained some support from members of the Association of Future Firefighters. They split into two teams to                                                    participate, Teams AFFF and AFFF2.

Fun and chaos ensued as the games went underway.

Soccer balls and volleyballs soared about, knocking out players or bringing them back in after being caught.

Some of the spectators had to be moved after nearly being hit.

During the first couple of rotations, Team #6, also  called Tri 3, did well.

Freshman Alex Delarosa was the star player, continuing the games even after his teammates were all knocked out.

Outside of dodging the balls, Delarosa occasionally used one to block the shots of his opponents. He was assisted by the speed of his teammate, sophomore Ashley Carrillo. Gamboa referred to the pair as beauty and the beast.

“I’m his secret weapon,” Carrillo said after the teams went on  their break.

“I noticed that they kept   aiming for her, so I couldn’t let that happen,” Delarosa said. “This is actually the first time that I’ve played dodgeball.”

The team that came out with the most wins in the end was AFFF.

For a final game, all the teams split into two larger teams and used both sides of the gym. The last game was mostly played for fun.

The massive game came to a close with the second team winning, with five players remaining.

After the games ended, the teams cleaned the gym. The members of the Kinesiology Club all gathered together and took a picture to commemorate the event.

“Everyone seemed to have fun today,” Ortiz said.

Refreshments were served outside the gym where the teams and club members could relax and socialize with one another.

Ortiz plans to have a third dodgeball tournament take place next year. Ortiz stated that the Kinesiology Club also plans to hold a health fair for the last week of October or the first week of November.

“It’s to show students and their families how they can cope with stress and be healthier like today. We hope to have other clubs join    in and help out,” Ortiz said.

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