University apllication deadline closer than appears

By Julianne Obregon

Students planning on transferring to a four-year college or university should prepare ahead of time before the application submission period begins.

Students shouldn’t wait until the beginning of the fall semester to consider their options.

Picking the right university or college to transfer to can be a tough decision.

This decicion can be especially tough if they don’t know which college is best for their major.

Finding the right college for a major takes time and a lot of research.

Students shouldn’t expect the right college to be presented to them without any work on their part.

When considering a college, a student should make time to visit each college that they are interested in applying to.

This will give them the opportunity to speak to students and professors and ask questions about the campus and its programs.

Visiting campuses should be done the semester before applications are open for submission, otherwise it can lead to a rushed decision and a student could end up transferring to a college that isn’t right for them.

If students are unsure about the major they have chosen and they should make an appointment to speak with a counselor and visit the Transfer Center on campus about their options.

It would also benefit any student if they speak to a professor about their major and see what colleges the professors recommend.

In the 2014-2015 school year 51,642 credit and public service academy students were enrolled at East Los Angeles College.

Out of those students 1,185 of them transferred to a four-year university.

The low number of transfer students could have been due to indecisive students or students that are procrastinating.

Another reason why it’s important to see a counselor is for a student to keep track of their progress toward their goal and to see how many classes they have left before they are ready to transfer.

If a student isn’t careful, they could be closer to transferring than they think and they’ll end up making last minute decisions which could hurt them in the long run.

I am one of the students that finds myself looking at possible colleges to transfer to at the last minute.

Having a lack of options my first three years of high school have led to this predicament.

ELAC provides opportunities to students who have had limited options in high school and were unable to explore different majors.

For the students that are working and attending school, they may feel overwhelmed when thinking about transferring.

Those students should consider their options as soon as possible, preferably when they first start at ELAC.

They would have to plan ahead and schedule campus visits at at time that don’t conflict with work or school.

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